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Welcome to On Demand Python Programming

Grade 2-8

Welcome To Python Programming​

Power of imagination and creativity in free scape using Python for kids

Program at a Glance

The sessions are presented and organized as a way for students to explore different genres of creative expression and form, while developing familiarity and fluency with computational concepts and practices.

What is a python?

Python is one of the most popular and versatile programming languages and is the first choice for anyone who is new to computer programming.  build websites and software, automate tasks etc

Why Web Python?

It is a continuously evolving open-source language with a huge number of readily available libraries and is highly supported by the online community. Python’s human-readable style makes it easy to use

Our Curriculum:

The Hippocampus curriculum follows PCEP entry-level curriculum and helps students to get certified. The syntax and semantics of the Python language, as well as the skills in resolving typical implementation challenges with the help of the Python Standard Library.

Students learn basic concepts, data types, basic I/O, control flow and Function.

Once they are familiar with the basic concepts and get certified, the course helps students learn critical problem-solving skills using project-based learning.