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Inspiring young minds.

We teach kids to code, create, and communicate. Together, we will help the next generation set the course for a better future.

Space For Ideas

Hippocampus nourishes young aspiring minds to get a clear vision of their ideas. We guide them in analyzing and building their vision and ideas into reality.

Fun And Engaging Curriculum

Our goal is to create an engaging system that provides exciting activities so children can understand the programming concepts thoroughly and can perform them on their own. With Hippocampus, kids have fun while they learn without frustrations.

Professional Approach & Tools

We professionals at Hippocampus, have developed an in-depth understanding of how to teach kids and how to code. Moreover, we believe in exposing kids to real programming languages and professional tools.

About Us

Give children a space to learn and Grow creatively

With great curiosity comes great questions. It deserves the right answers. Kids learn better and faster when they are young and curious. Our programs are designed to bring out the best in every kid.

  • Engage Kids With Fun, Discovery-based Learning
  • Equip Students For The Digital Economy
  • Educate With Passion And Experience
  • Empower Youth To Become Creators

Engaging and fun programming courses that kids love.

Our Courses

Scratch Programming

Power of imagination and creativity in free scape using Scratch for kids

Web Development

create Website and App using HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript


 designed specifically for kids

CS Fundamentals

Power of imagination and creativity in free scape using Code.Org for kids

Python Programming

Power of imagination and creativity in free scape using Python for kids

CoderZ (Virtual Robotics)

Explore the world of Virtual Robotics
using CoderZ
Hippocampus Programs

Delivery Methods

Each Program has dedicated levels within them. Kids have the flexibility to switch to a different stream after each level.


Check out our upcoming summer camps.


Learn about different monthly program kids can enroll in.


Can’t make it to one of our locations? We offer the same experience virtually.


Whether you want to learn you’ve come to the right place. As a global destination for online learning.

Best Services

Why Hippocampus learning?

Our coding classes for kids are teacher-endorsed and parent-approved. We want all kids, especially girls and marginalized children, to code, and that’s why we always offer fair prices and subsidized spots.

We specialize in Interactive and Fun Learning environment using age-appropriate computer software and award-winning tech toys.

Hippocampus provides coding classes, STEM and maker camps and parties, and lunch and after school programs for kids.


Parent Testimonial


Paran Rangasamy
Paran Rangasamy


Amazing Online classes-Thanks Hippocampus Learning for keeping Kids active & busy during COVID.



Hi, I am extremely happy that my son is getting some useful learning stuff here. He is learning Scratch programming in a better way and he is enjoy learning with Hippocampus. I can see a good follow up about the progress which is really need. I would recommend to others for the benefit of the kids learning especially during this lockdown and summer holidays. Thank you.

Jake Joseph
Jake Joseph


Hippocampus tuition has been a great experience so far! They have taught me Scratch and Python well in a entertaining and efficient way. Their professional tutors really helped me progress in coding! What I really like about Hippocampus is there flexibility. When I started, I wanted to go ahead since I already learnt what they taught. So Hippocampus put me in a level that was suitable, I am really grateful for that! Overall, I highly recommended Hippocampus tutoring for young, curious minds like me!

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Hippocampus makes it easy and fun for children to code. Courses are structured on creating, building and mastering the fundamentals of code by instantly enhancing kids’ confidence and efficiency.