Level Based programs

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Crafted by the Experts for the Mini- Experts

Our programs are designed for kids to learn programming using award-winning devices. Problem solving, hands-on approach and working in teams prepares them for the future.

Scratch Programming for Kids

This course helps kids to give shape to their ideas and see them come alive. Millions of students around the world are using Scratch across varied disciplines. Scratch is a project of MIT Media Lab.

STEM Learning via Dash

Dash brings programming to life. Kids can now see their code in action and our tailored program brings out the best of STEM learning through Dash.


Choose your Level

This Beginner program will help your kids to identify their interests. It has two levels of programs. Each level contains programming, gaming and robotics. At the end of the beginner level, there will be an assessment to choose the career path. 

Career Program

The Career program contains five career based streams – Designer, Programmer, Gamer, Engineer and Data Scientist. Every stream has five levels within them. After each level, the kids have the flexibility to switch to a different stream.

Let us help you identify what your kids love doing and make them great at that


Basics of Robotics
Basics of Programming
Level 2
& Programming Robots
Level 4
Preparing for Robotics Competitions
Level 1
Level 3
Advanced Programming
with Robots
Level 5