Break Coding
 Hippo-Camp for Kids

March 14-18, 2022 | 3 hours daily!

Delivery Modes

Virtual (Morning hours: 11 AM-2 PM) | In-Person (Evening hours: 3PM-6PM)

Bootcamp at a Glance


The 5 Days Bootcamp will present Virtual and In-Person sessions and is
organized as a way for students to explore different genres of creative expression and form,
while developing familiarity and fluency with computational concepts and practices. Using
Scratch, a block based Visual Programming language, students will develop logic-building
skills, create games and learn programming concepts like conditionals, and loops. This is a
perfect kick start program for kids new to programming, and wish to explore more.

Coding Experience

Let us help you identify what your kids love doing and make them great at that