March Break Coding Hippo-Camp
March 14-18, 2022 | 3 hours daily!

Delivery Modes:
Virtual (Morning hours: 11 AM-2 PM) | In-Person (Evening hours: 3PM-6PM)

Program at a Glance


The 5 Days Bootcamp will present Virtual and In-Person sessions and is
organized as a way for students to explore different genres of creative expression and form,
while developing familiarity and fluency with computational concepts and practices. Using
Scratch, a block based Visual Programming language, students will develop logic-building
skills, create games and learn programming concepts like conditionals, and loops. This is a
perfect kick start program for kids new to programming, and wish to explore more.

March Bootcamp Curriculum

Bootcamp Duration
Mode of Delivery
5 Days
Original Price: $189.28

Bootcamp Final Step

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