Front End Developer Training

Become a front end web developer : Learn to code your own apps from scratch and kickstart your tech career

Who is it for?

Career Changers

Are you looking to transition into a technical career? Our training program is specifically tailored to develop your skills to land you a job as a Junior Developer or get you started in a technical role.

Career Boosters

Take this program to complement your existing skill-sets and move into deeper tech-focused roles, such as product management, growth hacking, etc.

Recent Graduates

If you’ve just graduated from high school or college, this bootcamp is sure to give you the fundamental skills to launch your career in tech or to start your own business.

Why Hippocampus Learning?

Master the top tech skills in demand

  • Strengthen your basics in HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Master your way around GIT and GitHub
  • Adopt the agile methodology and step up your experience of working with servers & DB

Taught by Expert Instructors

  • Learn from Experts who have built apps used by millions of users
  • Strong career support to hone your job skills before your interviews
  • Opportunity for a three month Co-Op for selected candidates

Develop your Soft Skills

  • Develop your persistence and patience by working on live projects with tight deadlines
  • Strengthen your problem solving skills, analytical thinking and team work.

Frequently Asked Questions

A introductory course to coding will definitely help. But even if you haven’t taken one, do not get discouraged – many of our students start their programming journey from scratch and have gone on to become good developers. Your interest towards programming and coding will define your progress.

Definitely. We don’t just teach the basics of coding. You will learn to use professional tools like GitHub as well as best practices in software development

Software Engineering Stats

In 2019, average salaries for top engineering roles went up by nearly 13% in London, 7% in Toronto, 7% in New York and 6% in the SF Bay Area.

Demand for frontend and backend engineers grew steadily by 17%, which shows that all companies — not just Silicon Valley tech giants — are evolving into being tech companies.

The Scoring Canadian Tech Talent report revealed the number of tech occupations in Toronto has grown 54 per cent from 2013 to 2018, with nearly 230,000 jobs in the field.

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